COBRA Fusion™ 150

The Estech COBRA Fusion™ 150 Surgical Ablation System combines intuitive, real-time TCRF (Temperature Controlled Radiofrequency) energy control with proprietary Versapolar technology. Versapolar™ energy delivery is the first of its kind—an adaptable and effective platform that can deliver both bipolar and monopolar energy so that surgeons can easily and efficiently create reproducible transmural lesions with more flexibility, confidence and control.

Built on over 10 years of engineering experience, the COBRA Fusion incorporates a unique suction design that gently pulls tissue out of the path of circulating blood to eliminate the heat sink effect, during both bipolar and monopolar modalities.
The COBRA Fusion 150 is truly minimally invasive with a versatile and flexible design that is easy to use in concomitant and standalone endoscopic epicardial ablation.

COBRA Fusion™ Ablation System Live Surgical Footage

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COBRA Fusion™ Ablation System Animation

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In the U.S., the Estech COBRA RF ablation products have been cleared for ablation of either cardiac or soft tissues. The AFfirm Pacing Probe has been cleared to be used upon completion of the cardiac ablation procedure to assess the adequacy of cardiac lesions created in surgically treating the patient’s arrhythmia. Estech does not promote off-label use of its products and their use is at the discretion of the cardiac surgeon. Estech is undertaking an IDE clinical trial and subsequent PMA submission to obtain a specific atrial fibrillation indication. In Europe, the Estech COBRA RF ablation products are CE marked with an indication for the treatment of atrial fibrillation by ablating cardiac tissue during surgery.

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700-001-K COBRA Fusion™ 150
700-003 COBRA Fusion™ Magnetic Retriever System