Proven Technology. Innovative Solutions.

All COBRA products feature Estech’s patented temperature controlled radio-frequency (RF) technology. Temperature control provides a meaningful endpoint, maintaining tissue at safe yet effective temperatures to produce the desired lesion set. Internal probe cooling and advanced suction help to ensure reproducible transmural (full-thickness) endocardial or epicardial lesions. Versatile design enables the surgeon to use COBRA for minimally invasive or traditional procedures for either standalone or concomitant with valve or CABG surgery.

Maximum Stability. Minimal Waste.

The Estech CABG platform offers the surgeon the most versatile combination of strongest stabilization, lowest profile, and easy positioning in a unique environmentally friendly solution. With support for both traditional and minimally invasive access as well as both off-pump and on-pump procedures, the Estech platform is designed to fit any surgeon’s needs.

Maximum Exposure. Minimally Invasive.

Least Invasive Valve (LiV™) – Estech’s minimally invasive Valve system provides complete solutions with optimal exposure and unmatched instrumentation for valve procedures using minimally invasive access.

Traditional Valve - Estech’s reusable valve platform creates maximum surgical exposure with unlimited flexibility for both mitral and aortic valve procedures.

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